Rental Assistance


For questions about the Faculty Rental Assistance Program, contact Lisa Thomas (ldthomas [at] (ldthomas[at]stanford[dot]edu)).
For other Stanford University housing programs for faculty, and information on buying a home or finding a rental, consult the Faculty Staff Housing Office.

The Faculty Rental Assistance Program was established by the School of Humanities and Sciences to address the impact of the Bay Area's competitive and expensive rental housing market. Academic Council faculty (excluding Szego Assistant Professors) who rent their homes may be eligible.

Eligibility is based on academic year base salary, using a sliding scale to calculate the amount of support. Participation requires an application by the faculty member each year. Applications are made available in the summer and are due early in September.

Awards are for a single year only, and faculty must reapply each year in order to receive continued assistance. New faculty may apply as soon as they are appointed, and must reapply for the program the following summer for continued assistance.



Acting Professors, Adjunct Professors, Visiting Professors, Szego Assistant Professors, Lecturers, Senior Lecturers, and postdocs are not eligible for this program.

The basic eligibility requirements remain the same for Academic Council faculty with part-time or joint appointments in H&S. However, rental assistance awards will be prorated based upon percentage of FTE.

In academic year 2023–24, faculty whose salaries are less than $150,000 may be eligible. The terms of the program are subject to change.

Effective Dates

Rental assistance awards are effective September 1–August 31 to coincide with the fiscal year. Faculty who receive an award will see the first supplement appear on their September 22 pay statement.

Faculty Receiving Other Assistance

Faculty may only receive one rental subsidy at any given time. In the event a departmental award is given, faculty may choose whichever award is more generous. 

Faculty who live in Stanford West may receive the HSDO award concurrently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is rental assistance taxed?

Yes, it is taxable as income.

What if my spouse is a faculty member at Stanford?

If your spouse is appointed in H&S, only one rental subsidy will be given per household. If your spouse is
appointed in another school, you will be eligible for this program as long as your spouse is not receiving
any rental assistance.

What if my salary changes on a date later than September 1st?

If your salary changes midyear, the subsidy will continue through the remainder of the period for which
you were approved.

What if I purchase a home?

The rental subsidy will end; please notify HSDO Faculty Affairs and your department
manager if you purchase a home while receiving the subsidy.

What if I take a leave (with or without pay)?

Leave WITH pay:
The supplemental payment will continue through the remainder of the period for which you were
approved when you are on leave of absence with pay. You must re-apply to continue the program beyond
that date.

Leave WITHOUT pay:
If you are on unpaid leave of absence, the subsidy will be suspended. If you return from leave before the
end of the period for which you were approved, the subsidy will resume. You must re-apply to continue
the program beyond that date.

What if I will be away from the Stanford area?

The program’s purpose is to help faculty manage the exceptionally high cost of housing in the Bay Area.
HSDO may at its discretion refuse rental assistance to faculty who will reside outside of the area for all or
part of the academic year, even if they otherwise qualify for the program.

What happens if I don't re-apply each year?

Awards are made for a single fiscal year. Faculty must re-apply each year in order to continue to confirm eligibility for this benefit. Failure to submit an application by the deadline will result in no award being given.